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Rare Richard Whitford Victorian Prized Greyhound English Oil Painting 19th Cent

Rare Richard Whitford Victorian Prized Greyhound English Oil Painting 19th Cent

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Richard Whitford (1821–1890) was a British artist known for his paintings of prized cattle and agricultural subjects. He gained recognition for his ability to capture the form and character of livestock, which made his work highly valued among farmers and breeders. His detailed and realistic portrayals of animals showcased his skill and understanding of animal anatomy.

His reputation for excellence in depicting livestock earned him commissions from prominent patrons and his works were sought after by Queen Victoria, who had several of his pieces in her collection at Shaw Farm in Windsor. His paintings of prized cattle were not only appreciated for their artistic quality but also served as valuable records of the finest specimens of the time. His connection with royalty further elevated his status as a respected animal painter of the 19th century, accordingly, the legend, ‘Animal Painter to the Queen’ began to be inscribed below the artist’s signature on some pictures painted in the 1860s and early 1870s. However, no record has so far come to light of any specific commission.

Most of Whitford's work depict cattle, sheep, horses, and occasionally pigs. Paintings of dogs are seldom seen and especially so as the main subject. Regarding greyhounds, I have only been able to find one reference from a catalogue of his paintings and even then it is not the primary focus as it includes a horse too.. there are no images available of this work, but the catalogue refers to it as 'A bay hunter and a greyhound in a stable, 1855'

This painting is truly a prized object both for lovers of dogs and admirers of Whitford's work. In its day this dog would have been a cherished member of a wealthy family in order for it be honoured and immortalized by Whitford.

Framed in a period bird's eye maple frame with gilt interior and signed 'Whitford 1874' in the bottom right. Executed on Academy Board prepared by George Rowney, London.

With some discolouration, foxing, and the section of panel behind frame and edging has wear particularly with the corners but is hidden in frame. Please thoroughly inspect the condition as shown in images.

Frame: 54 x 41 cm - Painting: 45.75 x 32.75 cm
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